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Frequently Asked Questionss

List of of the most common asked questions from club admins and players

For players

Questions concerning the players

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Just go to the Log in screen and click where it says "Forgot your password? Click here."

Just go to the Log in screen and click where it says "Forgot your password?"

If your club has enabled the online fields payment, when you click in a slot time of the scoreboard fields, you will see the credit card input form with related cost of the field.

Club settings

Questions regarding Club settings management

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Of course, in "Center Settings" in the Control Panel you can define the annual club fee. The fee is valid for the whole calendar year. At the start of the new year, members' subscriptions reset until the next renewal.

Of course, in the "Center Settings" control panel you can change the hours before for cancellation under "Hours before for cancellation" and change the current setting.

Yes, in the "Center Settings" control panel, enable this option by checking the "Additional double" item.

As a prerequisite the club manager in Sporteevo in order to be able to receive online payment you need before to connect your club in Stripe to be in the same network of Sporteevo.

Fields settings

Questions regarding the management of the fields

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In Control Panel click on the "Fields" menu. Click on the button at the top right and click "+ Add field".

In Control Panel click on the "Fields" menu. Selecting the specific field click on "Edit". Here we can define:

    • Name and type of court (Tennis, Padel, Soccer, Beach Volley, etc ..)
    • Hourly cost for players and club subscribed players
    • Field opening and closing hours
    • Field time slot (60min or 30min)
    • If present, lighting cost
    • If present, heating cost
    • Temporary closure of the facility
    • ...